Part number / purchase the air/oil seperator

Anybody know a part number or a way to purchase the air/oil seperator (black box). I snapped off one of the hose fittings.


One thought on “Part number / purchase the air/oil seperator

  1. If you have both pieces, extract the piece from the line and save it. Scuff the edges of both pieces thoroughly, get some acetone and wipe them off or QD quick dry (electrical cleaner), take a drill bit the same size as the ID of the two pieces, and slid it into the main piece. Five minute epoxy the mating surface, all the way to the out areas of the main piece, epoxy the face and edge of the mating surface on the small piece and slid it over the drill bit. Chill for a few minutes and hold it until it tacks up, leave it be to cure up the rest of the way. I’ve done this to save damaged sensors and everything else and it’s worked every time.

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