Firewall leak prevention

So it looks like someone has done firewall leak prevention work on this thing before. Any suggestions? Should I try to get all the old stuff out and reseal or just add on to this?


15 thoughts on “Firewall leak prevention

    1. Mine didn’t have puddles of water even in hard rain. But I did seal everything just because around the wires the rubber crap was cracking a bit. Oh and BTW I called the alignment shop and they said they didn’t back the bolt out just loosened the nut so I’m going back to get the alignment fixed. Because it bothers me and I’m going back there with them.

    2. I’ve had them out like 3 times within a few days. I think they didn’t hit the bolt out after the nut was loose. Because mine go in pretty tight. Not sure because I don’t remember but the holes should be elongated enough because I had to eye ball it when I put it back together. They just don’t wanna do their job either don’t know or don’t want to but probably think it’s an older car so they don’t care.

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