Engine stalls / dies when hitting the brakes

So i bought a 3rd Chevy Beretta, but have small problem.
I starts with no problem (must use jumper) running perfect in Neutral and Park.
But when i hit the brakes it stalls (dies) right away!
Only tested it with cold engine.
Have not had the change to drive the car.
I was thinking a TCC replace would fix this problem.
Am i right or is it something else?

Beretta GT 1991 3.1
USA import
#stals #dies #engine #DF-LZ-24

Chevrolet Beretta GT 1991 3.1 USA import (3rd owner - DF-LZ-24)
Chevrolet Beretta GT 1991 3.1 USA import

14 thoughts on “Engine stalls / dies when hitting the brakes

  1. How is the tcc the issue if he hasn’t even driven the car guys? Seriously…. The tcc engages at highway and cruising speeds and when you slow down to stop it doesn’t disengage. This sounds like a potential brake booster vacuum leak that is causing it to stall when applying the brake while at idle.

      1. Plug the booster line that is coming from the intake to the brake booster and then start it and see if applying the brake still kills the engine, If not then it may be the brake booster. The TCC is a waste of time if you haven’t even driven the car yet, It doesn’t magically engage when your not moving, and it wouldn’t cause a stall in Neutral anyways.

  2. And if vacuum line was in hooked it would just make the breaks hard and engine idle high. If the break booster is fault then it would die when pressing the break but you would hear air leak as soon as you push the pedal and stumble and die. Not just cut off

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