Done a Chevy Beretta maintenance

This week i have done a service check on my Chevrolet Beretta (old model).

Change the oil .
Replace oil filter.
Replace brake shoes.
Replacing brake cylinders behind .
Standard radio replaced by a modern car radio.

Standard radio replaced by a modern car radio
The radio bracket i ordered in the USA at
There is a pdf file on this site with how to do that.
Download: Chevrolet Beretta radio -change (pdf)

Oil filter and draining oil .
Do’nt forget to put a bowl under the car to catch the old oil.
Under the engine there is a bold that keeps the oil inside 😀
Where you remove that bold the oil wil drain out, watch out might be hot.
Wait until it is completely drained and then removed the oil filter.
When that was done, i started replacing the brake shoes.
After that I have placed a new oil filter, placed back the bold and filled up the engine oil. The cap usually shows what oil values should you use for the engine mine was 5w30.
Poured in 4 liters of oil with no problem, afther that filling up to level good level.

Replace brake shoes and Brake Cylinders.
Wheels taken off, drum removal can sometimes be tricky matter of policy with a screwdriver bit by bit and help with a make lateral movement you pull. Now you look at your braking system.

Make this part nice and clean by spraying with some brake cleaner.
Left and right are two springs remove these with a special tool or gently with a pliers clamp and pushing at the back you can turn the pin so that it is loose.
Disconnect the tension spring above and below.
Now you can remove the shoe and the front tensioner.
The brake shoe to the rear is still stuck with a bolt with a retaining ring.

Clean all parts thoroughly and make sure that the nut is running the spanner nice and smooth. If your parts are not 100% okay replace them for new ones!

Now you can also replace the brake cylinder.
On the back is one nipple, one brake hose and two screws disassemble in that order. Take caution that your do not break the stuff!
Tap now to release the cylinder with a hammer, final cleaning and replace the brake cylinder and mount it secure.

Refit everything in reverse order just like Haynes 😀
Fix first one wheel so you have a mirrored preview!

Adjusting your brakes turn the adjuster further so the drum very beautiful slides over the shoes.
If you have replaced the brake cylinder yoiu need the get the trapped air from the breaking system.
Unscrew the nipple slightly and wait until the liquid is good so no bubbles.
Tighten the nipple, Check Brakereservoir level.

Brake check if you brake provides no clear pressure there is probably air in your brake system. So then again venting.

If you have two left hands let a garage fix it fort you.
Act on this post is at your own risk.m

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