Binford 9000 Raccoon Slayer

So I’m tired of hitting small animals and tearing my bumper. So I’ve designed and built the Binford 9000 raccoon slayer! It’s made of 1/8 thick stainless steel held together with 5/8 all thread and bolted to the bumper with three 3/8 elevator bolts. It’s so solid I could stand on the bottom lip and it won’t move. Best of all you can’t see it from the front of the car. Those raccoons don’t stand a chance, lol.

Credits: ‎Nicholas J.‎ @, FB: Chevy Beretta Owners Group


Dutch Beretta Owner Toon

Today i had an old Beretta friend at my house.
He was in need of some parts glad i could help him out.

Here is the website link to check how many Beretta’s there still are in the Netherlands
(In the right-top type “chevrolet beretta” in the search box and hit [enter])

Toon with his 1996 Chevrolet Beretta Z26 V6 Automatic

Engine stalls / dies when hitting the brakes

So i bought a 3rd Chevy Beretta, but have small problem.
I starts with no problem (must use jumper) running perfect in Neutral and Park.
But when i hit the brakes it stalls (dies) right away!
Only tested it with cold engine.
Have not had the change to drive the car.
I was thinking a TCC replace would fix this problem.
Am i right or is it something else?

Beretta GT 1991 3.1
USA import
#stals #dies #engine #DF-LZ-24

Chevrolet Beretta GT 1991 3.1 USA import (3rd owner - DF-LZ-24)
Chevrolet Beretta GT 1991 3.1 USA import